The evolution of the hairdryer revolution. The iQ2 Perfetto is the latest and highest version of the iQ line. As light as the first version but more powerful and intelligent.

It offers professional performance with a stand by function, Oxy Active Technology, Auto-Clean function, and Intelligent Brushless Motor.


At only 0.65 lbs or 294 g, 1500 of power.

The dryer has the TURBO function that increases the airflow, taking the engine from a standard speed of 110,000rpm to a super speed of 120,000rpm for 30 seconds.

VENTURI EFFECT: Multiplies the airflow delivered by the engine, without using extra power and reducing drying times.

ULTRA-EFFICIENT HAIR DRYER: Work in a super-efficient way, by reducing drying time without using extra power, you can work on more clients in the same amount of time.

The intelligent brushless motor is fitted with tech that increases the engine’s life. The iQ2 have Stand By Technology. It is automatically off when placed on the GAMA Smart Pad included in the box, allowing the stylist to work comfortably, reducing energy waste and increasing the dryer’s efficiency.

iQ2 Rose Gold


  • Very light just 0.65 lb
  • Dries hair 30% faster than any other professional hairdryer
  • Motor Speed 120.000 rpm
  • Power 1500 W
  • Extra Long Life Motor
  • Noise 78 Db
  • 3 speeds / 3 temperatures / cool shot
  • 118.1” long cord
  • 2 professional nozzles (narrow, wide) + diffuser + patented Venturi nozzle
  • Turbo Function
  • Smart on/off
  • Microperforated magnetic mesh filter, washable under running water
  • Care Kit Included: Brush & cloth

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