Warranty and Returns Policy

Products purchased on gamaprofessional.us or an authorized retailer may be returned within 1 month of receipt for a full refund or 12 months of receipt for an exchange, we are not able to accept returns for purchases outside the warranty period. We also do not accept returns of purchases from unauthorized retail channels. We offer free returns and exchanges for all shipments originating from the continental US.

The warranty exclusively covers defects or malfunctions that occur during the warranty period and under conditions of normal use, due to material and/or manufacturing defects. The warranty becomes invalid automatically if the product is tampered with, altered, replaced, or repaired by unauthorized individuals.

Additionally, products will not be covered by warranty for the following reasons:

  • Product failure due to the lack of compliance following product instructions and maintenance requirements.
  • Damage caused by accidental breakage or transport.
  • Defects occurring outside the extended warranty period.


If you purchased your GAMA item through an authorized retailer or distributor, you must file your return or exchange through them first. If you are unable to get a resolution, you may then contact us at aftersales@gamaprofessional.us


GAMA offers you the possibility of repairing your product even if the warranty period has already expired, whether you bought your product online or through an authorized retailer or distributor. Kindly fill out all the required fields on the form below and select the option “Assistance out of warranty” in the “Type of Return” field. You will receive information about our repair center, Creative Beauty, you may also contact them either by phone at (847) 676-1950 or by email at creativebeautyconcepts8040@gmail.com.

We would like to remind you that if you require support services outside the warranty period, you will be responsible for all associated expenses, including the costs of shipping and repair for the product.


Fill out the required fields in the returns contact form. Our Customer Service team will contact you to provide information regarding the terms of service and the next steps. Please provide the order number that you can find in your order confirmation email. Without this reference, you will be unable to access the requested services.